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Linda W.

My back problems started at age 45 when I had a badly ruptured disc, which required surgery. Because of arthritis, stenosis and scoliosis, I would develop pain in various places off and on. Time, rest or my chiropractor would normally give me relief. At age 68 pressure on a nerve in my back caused me to have drop-foot and neuropathy in both feet.

Soon, back pain started, and chiropractor’s back adjustments, steroid injections nor therapy relieved the pain. I was referred to a local spine surgeon. He recommended surgery because a bone was applying pressure on a nerve. A second surgeon confirmed that diagnosis. The first surgeon performed surgery in the lumbar area, putting in rods. My pain did not go away, in fact, it got more severe over time, and I could not stand up straight.

As my condition worsened, I obtained a third opinion from another local spine surgeon and was referred to Dr. Ronald A. Lehman, Jr., in St. Louis (300+ miles away). His nurse coordinator, Christine, was most helpful in scheduling a consultation appointment and throughout the whole process. During the consultation, Dr. Lehman was very detailed about the condition of my back and what he thought he could do to help me.

My husband and I were impressed with his cordial manner, experience, knowledge and thoroughness. At age 70, in July, 2014, Dr. Lehman straightened my back and placed rods in the lumbar and thoracic areas during a 9-hour surgery. The pressure on the nerve, which originally caused my drop-foot and neuropathy was not relieved soon enough to correct those conditions. HOWEVER, Dr. Lehman’s surgery relieved my severe nerve pain, and I now stand with a straight back!

My husband and I thank God Dr. Lehman and Christine were in St. Louis at our time of need.