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Lesa B.

My story begins when I was in the 5th grade, and it was discovered that I had Scoliosis. After four years of trying many different braces, it was recommended that I have Harrington Rod surgery. This was done in April, 1983. I went many years, and had given birth to three children, before I started having problems.

The problems started gradually. But over a 10-year period, I could not lay in bed for more than 30 minutes before my lower back began to hurt. Laying flat on my back was out of the question. So I had to sleep in a chair. It also became very difficult to walk or stand. I could only walk a very short distance before my lower back, thigh and calf began to get very painful. The pain was severe like a Charlie Horse. Standing even for a short period of time was very painful.

I went to a Chiropractor for several years. Even though I was able to keep my back somewhat loosened up, the pain did not go away.

It was discovered by Dr. Lehman that the Harrington Rod surgery that I had done in 1983 caused Flat Back Syndrome. It was also discovered that I had many bone spurs, and the disks in my lower back, below my previous fusion, were also degenerated. I was also leaning forward five inches.

Dr. Lehman operated on me, in March 2015. The L4, L5 and S1 disks were replaced. Dr. Lehman used a specific type of cage in the L4, L5, S1 to help pull me back into alignment.

Dr. Lehman also removed many bone spurs, decompressed my entire spine. Dr. Lehman then put in two more rods—one on each side—to help take the pressure off my spine. He then fused my spine.

The outcome of my surgery was a success. I can now lie in bed all night with no pain. I can also walk and stand with no pain. I am very happy with the outcome, and am looking forward to doing all those things that I was unable to do prior to surgery.