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Dr. Lehman has truly been a life saver.—Krista P.

Dr. Lehman gave me back my life, free of pain. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age twelve, and seen three Orthopedic doctors over the years, none of which could ever help me. I had no feeling in my left leg, foot and toes; I had severe lumbar and hip pain daily. So bad I couldn’t work, walk or sleep.

I was finally referred to Dr. Lehman in June of 2016. Right from the first moment I met him and his staff, I was confident I was in good hands. Even though the surgery was scary, I knew I had the best doctor. His confidence and knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to have the surgery. Dr. Lehman has a excellent bed side manner—he is humble, confident and professional. His staff was very helpful, kind and professional, also.

I highly recommend Dr. Lehman. I am back to work only 5 months after surgery with no spine pain, and I got all the feeling back in my left leg, foot and toes.

Dr. Lehman has truly been a life saver.