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Dr. B.

Approximately four years ago I began to develop a rapidly progressive scoliosis of my lumbar spine. Realizing this could severely affect my mobility plus limit my ability to work, I began a nationwide search to find an excellent surgeon experienced in performing complex surgeries on the spine. My research led to Ronald Lehman, MD, and from the moment I first interacted with his staff on the phone until now, 4 weeks post-operative, I have been overwhelmingly impressed.

Dr. Lehman is a compassionate and empathic physician. He is honest and relates exactly what he is thinking in terms of evaluation, procedure and eventual outcomes. Along with his colleague, Dr. Lenke, he reviews each operative case multiple times—looking for the most optimal procedure with a good prognosis. I have spent almost a year with Dr. Lehman, and I have come to trust him and his opinion. He does an excellent job of discussing the complexities of your condition and is open to in-depth discussions and questions.

His staff is excellent and Christine Boston, RN, has greatly enhanced my experience and has facilitated the logistics and alleviated the fears associated with complex spinal surgery.

One month ago Dr. Lehman operatively repaired my lumbar scoliosis. My spine is now straight and I am walking 2 to 3 miles a day. The pain continues to lessen each day, and I now have a positive outlook for a normal, active life.

Dr. B.