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Christine Boston RN, BSN, ONC

Christine is Dr. Lehman’s Nurse Coordinator. Christine is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s of science in nursing. In November of 2014 she obtained her Orthopedic Nurses Certification.

Christine works alongside Dr. Lehman to ensure that each patient is provided with expellent care. Her role is essential in guiding patients and their families throughout the stages of spinal surgery. Christine is responsible for providing patient education and interfacing between the multidisciplinary team that will care for each patient before, during and after surgery. Christine’s job encompasses anything that gets the patient safely to the OR. She likes to refer to her position as the “behind the scenes magic”. Christine’s dedication and empathy make her a crucial part of the Dr. Lehman team.

Before Christine started working with Dr. Lehman she was a nurse on the Orthopedic Floor. She has knowledge and expertise from working with Orthopedic Spine patients for several years.