Affiliated Physicians

Dr. Lehman's team members also include affiliated physicians, outside of his offices. Please check back for this list of doctors, to be posted shortly.

Dr. Thomas S. Bottiglieri

Dr. Thomas S. Bottiglieri, is a specialist in sports medicine at Columbia Orthopedics. He specializes in the management of orthopedic, and medical conditions affecting athletic participation. This includes chronic and acute injuries affecting the bones, joints, and muscles of pediatric and adult patients. He is an expert in the field of concussion care and management, and practices at one of the busiest and most reputable concussion institutions in the nation. At Dr. Bottiglieri’s practice there is a patient-centered approach to care that stresses shared decision-making with his patients and their families.

Dr. Bottiglieri is an Assistant Professor of Community Medicine and Orthopedics at Columbia Doctors and educates residents and fellows at Columbia University Medical Center- . He speaks at regional conferences on topics relating to technology in healthcare, pre-participation screening for athletes, concussion recognition and management, overuse injury, tendinitis, cartilage injury, joint instability, and spine injuries. Dr. Bottiglieri also conducts research related to concussions and personally sees more than 800 new concussion cases each year. Other research includes new and cutting-edge techniques to treat athletic injury, including ultrasound guided injections, platelet rich plasma (PRP), adipose derived stem cell, hyaluronic acid derivatives, and techniques to help athletes decrease the need for surgery, such as percutaneous needle tenotomy. Areas of focus related to Dr. Bottiglieri’s practice also include osteoarthritis in the athletic adult which includes ways to improve function and avoid joint replacement; heart rate variability and the role of the autonomic nervous system in injury; and ultrasound imaging. As part of the New York Orthopedic Hospital at New York Presbyterian, Dr. Bottiglieri can coordinate complex care for any athletic injury or illness with our team of subspecialistsand surgeons from injury through return to play.

Dr. Bottiglieri is a frequent participant and organizer of community education projects. Talks on health-related topics at local schools and colleges are among his favorite speaking engagements. He lives on Staten Island, New York, with his wife Vanessa and their 4 children, and maintains an active lifestyle through martial arts training and recreational sports.  He coaches his children’s athletic teams, advocates for community projects that encourage healthy lifestyles, and continues to bring knowledge and care to each of his patients, one person at a time.

LaRae Mitchell

LaRae is the head physical therapist at the Allen Hospital/Spine Hospital.  LaRae completed her doctorate of physical therapy in 2004 and became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist in June, 2009.

LaRae supervises both the outpatient and inpatient areas at the Hospital.  She has had the opportunity to work with patients both preoperatively and post operatively in the inpatient and outpatient setting.  She has worked alongside Dr. Lehman and Edward Calem, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT to create protocols to safely guide patients in their recovery process.

Dr. Edward Calem

Dr. Edward Calem is the Advanced Clinician in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Department of New York Presbyterian Hospital, He is a Clinical Instructor in the program in Physical Therapy at Columbia University where he teaches manual interventions and assessment of the Spine and Upper Extremities and lower extremities. He also practices physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ.

Dr. Calem received his Masters of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia University and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Temple University. He is APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Certified Specialist and earned his certification in Manual Therapy from the North American Institute of Orthopedic Physical Therapy.