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 Recent Patient Reviews of Dr. Ronald A. Lehman, Jr.

Dr. Ronald A. Lehman, Jr, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Ronald A. Lehman, Jr.

  • “Dr Lehman and his staff have been such an easy, professional experience for me.”
    “I’ve known known I needed a spinal fusion for over 5 years and I’m so glad I waited to find the right Dr., Dr Lehman.” —J.R. (via, Apr., 2017)
  • “Dr. Lehman is professional, thorough and excellent at his care.”
    “He performed my discetomy and the care and results were life changing. Dr. Lehman and his staff are professional, friendly and go above in the care they provide. I would recommend Dr. Lehman to family and friends as I know they would be provided with exemplary care. —New York Patient (via, Apr., 2017)
  • “Very happy with my surgery and outcome. He is very thorough and caring.” (via, Mar., 2017)
  • “No more pain! Caring, superbly competent. The whole operation, including spine hospital staff was excellent.” —New York Patient (via, Mar., 2017)
  • “Dr. Lehman is a gifted surgeon with an amazing bedside manner!”
    “Our son broke his neck, had surgery and developed complications from that surgery. Dr. Lehman took on what seemed to be the impossible task of trying to fix those complications. He spent countless hours planning our son’s surgery. Only when he was satisfied that he covered every possible scenario of how to fix our son, Dr. Lehman took him to the OR and did just that. Our son is back playing the sports that he loves. Dr. Lehman is a gifted surgeon with an amazing bedside manner!” —P.P.  (via, Mar., 2017)
  • “I would recommend Dr. Lehman to anyone in need of his services.”
    “I would recommend Dr. Lehman to anyone in need of his services. It wasn’t until I found my way to Dr. Lehman that I had any level of confidence that what I was being told was true, that what needed to be done was necessary and that my condition would be remedied. I wasted a lot of time and money before finding Dr. Lehman. Trust in your surgeon is vitally important especially with spine surgery. If I had found him right out of the gate, I would have been pain free 6 months earlier.” —E.D.  (via, Mar., 2017)
  • “Dr. Lehman is a gifted surgeon!”(via, Feb., 2017)
    “Our family was faced with a horrible tragedy and didn’t know where to turn. After our 12 year old son developed complications from a surgery to repair a C1/C2 vertebral fracture, a family member recommended we go see Dr. Lehman – the surgeon who would become our miracle worker! We immediately liked Dr. Lehman and the quiet confidence he exuded. He had a way of making us feel like we were in the right place. Our son’s neck had developed a reverse curve in his cervical spine as a result of his first surgery. Dr. Lehman told us straight out that he wasn’t sure how to fix him. He spent countless hours trying to come up with the best way to help our son and reached out to his colleagues across the country to get their input on such a unique injury. In the end, Dr. Lehman would formulate multiple plans to assist him during our son’s surgery capturing every possible answer to any complications that might arise from this type of neck injury so that he could stabilize our son’s neck. Dr. Lehman treated our son like he was his own. He included us in the plans for his surgery. He answered all of our questions no matter how many times we asked them and he listened to our innumerable accounts of our fears and worries. He was patient, understanding that we had to trust him completely to allow him to operate on our son. Dr. Lehman not only stabilized our son’s neck but he miraculously got him back playing the sports he loves: baseball, basketball and soccer. We owe everything to Dr. Lehman. He gave our son back his life.”
  • “When only the BEST WILL DO.”(via, Feb., 2017)
    “To all who have back pain. Simply put, doctor Lehman is THE BEST. When I needed back surgery I called the hospital I trust and count on for any ailment, Columbia. They have the most knowledgeable doctors in the country. I was told to wait a couple of weeks because they were getting the best spine surgeons in the country. I am so glad I waited. I met doctor Lehman and his staff who made me feel very comfortable. They where very compassionate and caring. I believe I was one of the first patients he operated on at Columbia. I went in using a walker and in alot of pain, and came out dancing. He and his team of professionals gave me back my life. I highly recommend doctor Lehman and his team to any and all who have back problems.” —Sincerely, M.G.
  • “Dr. Lehman is the real deal.”(via, Jan., 2017)
    “I was referred to Dr. Lehman, and was very glad I did. His diagnosis was spot on, and it was clearly evident he has an excellent bedside manner. He takes the time to listen and explain the next steps. I highly recommend him!”
  • “Herniated Disk Replacement between C5 & C6.” (via, Sep., 2016)
    “I was suffering from pain that radiated across my back, through my shoulder, and down my arm to my elbow. I visited several qualified physicians who could not appropriately diagnose the source of my pain. Thankfully my college roommate recommended I visit with Dr. Lehman. Dr. Lehman’€˜s team was instrumental contacting my insurance company to get the necessary MRI ordered and approved. Once the MRI was performed, I visited with Dr. Lehman within a week of the test to review the results. He took the time to explain the 3D image of the MRI and it was abundantly clear, even to me, that I had a herniated disk and it was the source of my pain. Within 45 minutes of visiting his Englewood, NJ office, I was so comfortable with him and the process that I schedule my surgery while still in the office to take place on earliest possible date. He made it so clear to me why I was in pain and how to fix it. I did not even think twice—no need for a second opinion for me.
    Dr. Lehman performed the surgery at The Allen Hospital, what a wonderful experience!! The commitment to customer service for the patient and family, communication, and clinical outcome was fantastic. Within 4 hours of my disk replacement surgery (between C5 & C6) I was walking around and the radiating pain was GONE! The bedside manner by Dr. Lehman and his team from the surgery and recovery period was thorough and informative. In particular Kristen Mitchell, Kristen Stride and Christine Boston were very informative, comforting, had a great sense of humor and bedside manner. I do not know how Dr. Lehman was blessed with such a great team and the best part is when you are still under anesthesia, everyone is named some version of Kristen/Christine. Further, the quality and character of Dr. Lehman and the team is second to none. In particular, Christine Boston (RN, BSN, ONC), Clinical Care Coordinator to Dr. Ronald A. Lehman Jr is an incredible resource. Christine is very professional, knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate clearly which put me and my family at ease. The surgery was performed in mid-May and I was chipping and putting within 2 weeks and 100% on the golf course within 6 weeks. In fact, my handicap has been reduced by 50% 3 months after the surgery. I do not recommend surgery to reduce your handicap, but it worked for me. Bottom line, after suffering for 4 months, my frustration was at an all-time high. Once I met Dr. Lehman, diagnosis, surgery and pain was gone in a total in 30 days!”